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how to correct this Divided States of America mess:

Like real business, we the people, the employers of government, set the budget. When this country was established we did not have taxes and the population was much smaller enabling the people to communicate with government in writing. Today the US population is far too large to use such communication means and there is a difference in now having taxes, our means of funding our business of government.

Citizens United is invalid here, as this is of, for, and by the people, not of, for, and by corporate claims of speaking for the people.

How does your representative know how to represent their constituents? Crystal ball, ouija board, 8 ball, dartboard, for they are not asking the people, but telling them what their plans are.

This is also a republic, where all voices are accounted for, not mob rule of the claimed majority. Nowhere in the founders' documents will you find the word "Democracy", understand why.

It is also a country of capitalism where government is supposed to be the referee to keep the game fair, but instead, they bias their decisions not for the people but for themselves and corporate.

When you go to the store do you pick out your favorite cashier and give them your money and take whatever they decide to give you for it? This is not capitalism, so stop doing this with your share of our business of government. Capitalism is where you vote with your money.

So what better time to direct your taxes, how to be used, but when you annually file your tax returns? And here is where IRS and the local/state versions then allocate as directed by each taxpayer, establishing the budget!

At what resolution you direct your taxes is up to you, and you can even decide to let government decide some portion or all of your taxes. i.e. Steve Ballmer created that allows you to look at various resolutions of our government financials, from general to more specific details. Note: Ballmer created this site and introduced it after I was already pushing for say in how our taxes, on an individual basis, is used but the shortcoming of what he has done is the lack of full government, verifiable accounting access, putting the numbers on government responsibility.

I have done a number of things, from sending (via USPS) this Declaration of Independence based Work Order to all Senators, Georgia and Florida representatives, IRS, and Georgia Revenue Service in 2015 and what I learned is there are those in government who hire people to filter out their mail from non-constituents even when they are working on a federal level in congress where their work is regarding the whole nation, not just their constituents. I have also done random polling by asking people if they would like to tell government how to use their taxes. The rate of yes is well over 90%.

So where is the required paperwork? Now, this is bottom-line voting and we all know bank teller machines are far more reliable than so-called voting machines.

They are not listening. They have our money and as such, they do not have to listen and don't.

If you think this who to hire squabble is a big issue, it should NOT be and would not be if the people were setting the budget and making the job of the representative easier in doing proper business of reporting financial usage, achievements, and requesting finances in their job of integrating and optimizing the generation of benefits we all share in at the various relevant level of our government structure, local, state, national.

It's not uncommon to hire someone not perfect in doing the job they are hired for but what we currently and for decades or longer have of government, not listening to their employers, doesn't even classify as proper business.

The people in sum will make better decisions simply because they in sum have far more family, friends and loved ones they will account for than the few........... which is, in fact, a big club, when you dig in and look at who knows and associates with who?

Get real, get responsible, insist, and persist in honoring the founders of the United States of America by doing the job they gave all of us to do in this government of, for, and by the people.

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