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The Foundation consist of four basic tasks.

Government must work in the best interest of the people, whom hire and pay the salaries of. Voting and Taxes are the means by which we, the people, do this.

Insuring the peoples voice in their government by an effective, inclusive, viable yet simple means.

1) Tax collectors and processors, are to provide allocation forms for the people to direct their individual taxes paid. Taxpayers have the Option to choose government direction of all or some portion of your taxes.

2) The hired representatives of the people are to produce annual reports and funding request, and make available to the people at least ninety days prior to the peoples annual tax returns. Spending history for the past years is to be included.

3) It is communicated the allocation forms are only to be used to direct funding of the peoples business of government, for the purpose and intent of governance. The generation of teamwork benefits shared

The people help set the budget.

4) On issues where funding is not allocated, voters help to determine funding direction(s), of the funds where the people chose government direction of. This way those who pay low tax due low income, have a means for voice.

NOTE: on a world scale, in some countries these tasks may not provide enough voice of the people as individuals. So it should be understood the intent is to establish easy and effective means of viable voice of the individuals over the direction of their governance.

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