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When Income Tax was created the voice of the individual was disconnected from the tax. That is taxation without representation.

· October 26 at 8:36am Joe Smith

There are a lot of different approaches I can use in presenting the following, and the approaches all work. From going to the store and you deciding on what you are going to buy instead of the store employee, to the hired needing direction...... otherwise what do you expect? To what the founders established and the problem of how population growth has reduced the ability of the hired to hear what the employers say. And I'm certain there are many other approaches I haven't thought of, but pay to play ..... I'm a taxpayer where is my play card? To the business mongrels who make huge contributions to politics, how about we all taxpayers united and point out we as a whole give more, but where is our say? This is a Republic where all voices are to be accounted for, not just some fan club following.

The reason why all these approaches, and more, work, is simply because the essence of the foundation of this country is the recognized truth. And when you have such a foundation, the approaches are nothing more than symptoms of going in the correct direction of the foundation.

With the craziness of the political elections, what these symptoms indicate, the people need be Getting Real, Getting Responsible, Insisting & Persisting - Pdf, Doc & Odt format versions of a work order for government. They work for us, it is our business, we Direct them in what they are to do like any proper business does.



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Its about getting your voice back in your business of governance. Requiring the hired who are tasked with representing you, to do their job, but they require our direction to do their job.

Use the Work order, share it & send it to your representatives as they need direction.

This is not a guessing game, they don't have a crystal ball or ouija board and this is not a monopoly game of how to represent the people. Nor is this a follow the leader ideas of which the current symptoms indicate. IT IS A BUSINESS! YOUR Business of governance. And it requires annual reports of spending and accomplishments and funding requests, as its done in real business. If government is not serving the people by generating benefits the people share in then there is no reason for the existence of such government. And how well government does this job is important, as its not acceptable to do the job half way when it can be done much more complete.

Each taxpayer responsibility only extends to how they chose to direct their taxes. Trust the government to decide, not a problem, as it makes for a buffer of transition ease. We don't need an abrupt change as cheats will jump in the change, where the purpose is to get the cheats to leave on their own

I trust the people in sum far better than any political group, and certainly better than any individual politician. And Voting, that is just the hiring process where what the potential employees say to get the job is no better than, at best, a resume (non-legal.) A sales pitch nothing more, and all to often not followed through on with plenty of excuses to choose from and we all know this to be true.

So how might you direct your taxes, once you have a play card allowing you to do so?

Here is why I trust the people in sum, we know what the majority would choose, its a loved ones family and friend thing where today communication technology spreads this world wide.

· October 26 at 9:16am Joe Smith

The ultimate approach - as this country and much of the world is being divided in so many different ways by the so claimed leaders, what is lacking is a means of enabling teamwork by the people to direct them.


How legitimate is this work order? If it goes to court and looses then the all of government cannot get a taxpayer paid day off for the Fourth of July! Read it to know!

First they ignore you

then they laugh at you

Then they fight you

Then you win.

Just do it.

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