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A WORK ORDER for Government:

The Peoples Rights and Duty:

“The people" as individuals, need to know how, and be enabled, to take responsibility for their share of funding their business of government.

The United States founders recognized the people's right and DUTY to put off government not working in the people's best interest. Re: Declaration of Independence. The founder did not specify how failing government is to be put off but history leading up to founding this country includes taking funding away (re: Boston tea party.)

The employees in the people's business of government, cannot say no to the sum of their employer's direction. Those who say no, expose their violation of the purpose of their employment in the people's business of government (local, state, federal). They are hereby fired as per the Declaration of Independence recognition of the rights and duty of the people to direct their government. Either you are working for the people, your employers, or you are not employed in the people's business of government, where persistence in a government position exposes criminal intent.

The Work Order:

Accomplish three simple tasks to provide financial direction voice of the Employers, the people, to their Government Business Employees.

1) Tax collecting agencies

(Local, State, Federal), are to provide their employers, the taxpayers, with voice in how their funding of government is to be used via allocation forms. If they do not have the forms, they are to produce the forms in short order (Not years from now promises, but right now.) This is to be considered instructions of a high priority work order.

Note: The Tax processors are to allocate funding as per each employer of government (taxpayer)instructions and to provide allocation verification receipts. The People set the budget.

2) Government business

(Representatives assigned to federal level committees) are to provide transparency assurance information to the people. In other words: The information on what Government wants funding for that each employer of government may decide how their funding is to be used. Understanding that if the people do not know what their government employees want funding for, the employees do not get funding for it. "Simple and Clear", as shall the government transparency information be framed in its presentation. Spending history being relevant shall be included. Internet access to such information also to be simple and clear with a general overview but allow employers of government the ability to look deeper into the details and allocate their portion of funding at what effective level they so chose. Simply put: Representatives are to produce Annual Reports and Funding Requests, to the People

3) It is to be communicated

“Funding Constraints” have to be compatible with the United States Of America founder's documents and work within the nature and purpose of the people's business of government.

SIDE Note:

There is an option for individuals filling out the optional funding allocation forms (to be returned with individual tax returns) to decide what portion of their business of government funding, the government business may decide how to be used (buffer funding). This buffer funding use is further influenced by those employers of government, the people, participating in the voting processes relevant to such buffer funding. Voting is of course also used regarding who to hire to integrate, optimize, and implement the funding directions of the government's employers, the people. The representatives need to know what their job is to do in representing the people, not just via the apparent diminishing voting processes, but also via budgets set by their employers, the people as individuals.

In this Republic the Founders established, democracy is nowhere mentioned in any of the founders' documents. Voting, a tool often perceived as one of Democracy, but either the individual taxpayer takes charge of their share of funding their business of government or others will. However, not allowing individuals a voice where it bottom line literally counts is neither an act of a republic nor of democracy. Clearly in violation of the Founder's Spirit and Intent.

Symptoms of Government Business Failure:

What to expect of employees of a business where the employees have control over the funding used in the business.

Failure to set budgets. Massive overspending. Massive accounting failures. Lying to and spying on their employers in a manipulation feedback loop. Increasing their benefits while further constraining their employers in different ways including financially. Stealing from their employers such as their employers' retirement funds funded by the employers. Applying effort to reduce their employers defense against employee misdirection of funds. Increasing employee commanded defense against their employers. Massive misdirection of government business funds in many ways not benefiting their employers but rather for employee self-interest and benefit. And there is plenty more but all is to be expected of such a bad business model of allowing the employees to direct funding instead of their employers doing so. Having a means of voice regarding the bottom line financially, where it literally counts is important for everyone funding their business of government. And far better than the expected shrinking percentage (population minority is not a democracy) of the people voting when they observe such misdirection of their business of government regardless of who they voted for.

In Summary:

This country was not founded to be an Oligarchy, as has been determined it is currently functioning in terms of (Re Princeton University Study) and Democracy only intended, if ever, as no more than a supplement to this Republic. For this misdirected business practice correction by the Employers of Government, the people, to be in effect:

Fund Allocation paperwork is required, providing the employers, the people, bottom-line financial voice of their government business direction.

An Employer of Government,


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