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Welcome to the 3seas wiki pages.

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What might you put on a wiki page?

Family Tree *** but we have the genealogy programs now *** Only here on the wiki pages you might tell interesting histories about those in the family tree or other such information that doesn't fit into the genealogy programs (i.e. I have a some very good beginning of an autobiography my Mother started years ago, that I may add, time and OCR scanner depending... and of course protect it so only family and good friends can see..)

Information about yourself you are willing to share, external links and I believe you can put pictures and videos, etc... Wikipedia is an example, but that doesn't mean this is wikipedia, this is a family and friends wiki and message board...

Perhaps you already have a web site, then you can add it here.

To see the code click on one of the following links and use edit to just see the code to use with your link.

Cook Family

Tim's Europe and Violin Electric Photos

if you have any trouble, need help, or have a suggestion just send me "threeseas" a private message (PM) at the message board.

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